Copyright, Usage & Restrictions

Estate & Letting Agents / Vendors

All photographs produced by Richie Lavery Photography are for a single private residential property for sale or let by the booking agent only, and grants unlimited use of images for print and internet marketing material associated with the sale of the property during the period of its listing only. A 'usage license' is granted to the booking agent ONLY and NOT any third party (individual, business or otherwise) under any circumstances; The license is individual and non-transferable and does not imply a transfer of ownership. Any representation or reproduction other than the marketing of the property photographed during the period of the listing, complete or partial, without the written consent of Richie Lavery Photography will be considered a copyright violation. The client is responsible for all images and content in print and digital media and shall not hold Richie Lavery responsible for any claims, damages, or legal proceedings that may arise from the use of the images. Copyright of all images remains the property of Richie Lavery c/o Richie Lavery Photography.

Commercial Usage

Any booking agent including estate/letting agent or private individual, must not reproduce, sell or redistribute any image(s) produced by Richie Lavery Photography for commercial purposes; or to (but not limited to) architects, builders, interior designers, vendors, accommodation advertising, editorial magazine, website or newspaper, unless written consent is received from Richie Lavery c/o Richie Lavery Photography, as this may incur an additional license fee depending on the image(s) intended usage. Richie Lavery c/o Richie Lavery Photography is entitled to all the commercial rights to the photographs (apart from the rights to protected buildings, works of art, objects or registered trademarks appearing in the photographs) and any unauthorised use will be considered a copyright violation and subject to legal action.